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Fuel your website's growth with dependable and cost-effective VPS right here in Australia.

Unlock Your Local Melbourne VPS Power

Melbourne VPS Hosting provides top-tier services with full root access and KVM virtualization for superior control and performance. It accommodates various operating systems including Windows and Linux, catering to different user preferences. Payment flexibility is a key feature, with options including paypal and Skrill. The service stands out for its fast, DDoS-protected environment, ensuring secure and efficient hosting. Around-the-clock expert support is available, offering dedicated assistance and uninterrupted service.

VPS Melbourne Plans

Remarkably Low Cost Australian VPS Hosting

Navicosoft has been achieving superior recognition since 2008 for providing VPS Melbourne. With paramount yet Cheap VPS Hosting, we help you unleash the computing power of the best VPS server hosting. Also, We bring the most specific VPS solutions to suit all your needs & scale up your business. Certainly, We are passionate enough to rediscover the lost serenity of VPS Australia. 


Get fully managed VPS hosting in Melbourne from us & fulfill all of your digital needs regardless of the industry you work in! So, suit yourself with us in all regards as we have got your back. Meanwhile, As the best VPS hosting provider in Australia, we offer light-fast VPS for web hosting with reliable performance! Our best AU VPS hosting servers come with power-packed features, including SSD storage, data protection, as well as guaranteed high I/O performance.


We commit to providing SSD-based premium Australian VPS servers at the most competitive prices. Furthermore, Our data center in Sydney is provisioned with maximum security systems. So buy cheap Australian VPS hosting & enjoy low latency, as well as fast processing speed. Besides that, our finely tailored cheap Dedicated server hosting Australia packages benefit your business in handling the ongoing process and future requirements. We value our clients and promise to:

  • Bring a smart, reliable & secure hosting platform.
  • Provide lightning-fast secure servers & managed VPS solutions instantly!

Robust Servers For
Enterprise-Grade VPS

As the best Australian VPS providers, one of our prominent goals is to give you a marvelous online existence. Moreover, We help you get smart, secure, reliable & the cheapest Linux VPS hosting in Australia. Furthermore, We understand that even a single-second delay can cause huge business loss. Although the website can go down for numerous reasons, including network issues, backups being  locked & much more. Still, our team of experts navigates an outright process to design & deploy the cheapest Melbourne VPS. Certainly, Don’t worry about speed, security & any disk failure, as with our DDoS-protected server; we keep you protected from power failures & other unknown VPS server abnormalities.

Elevate Your Website with Melbourne's Best Aussie VPS Hosting 🚀

Besides providing the best VPS hosting, we help you stay fine-tuned about your website requirements. Also, Our Windows VPS servers provide an isolated platform to manage your server resources according to your business choices. Additionally, we know it is quite complex to understand some unknown intricacies with low-cost VPS Melbourne. Therefore, you can simply choose our cheap VPS servers if you are facing one of the following issues:

  • Need root access while maintaining the customization on your own.
  • Need Extra security layer & firewall protection
  • Want to handle huge traffic spikes efficiently.
  • Website is turning into averse deliberately.
  • Availability of massive media content on your website.

Exclusively Secured Features Of
Australian VPS Server

Confidently, Navicosoft is sustained by the ingenious digital generation. Also, We transcend your business in Australia with our fully customized, flexible, and cheap VPS hosting plans. Certainly, We comprehend VPS like the back of our fists. It is the moment to ramp up with our fully-featured Virtual Private Server hosting us because we know how to perform you to the world vigorously. 

VPS Australia

Buy VPS Melbourne with full flexibility of server resources. Moreover, We know the adverse effects of sudden traffic spikes & fluctuating business needs. Therefore, we pose an offer to upgrade or downgrade your server resources anytime.

VPS Australia
Shielded Data Centers

As the best KVM VPS server provider, our VPS with cPanel resides inside armored data centers. Consequently, Our dedicated data center in Australia is provisioned with central cooling & ventilation systems keeping the server performance optimal. Further, the backup recovery systems are under surveillance 24/7.

VPS Australia
RAID Technology

Buy cheap windows VPS with server RAID technology. However, As a windows VPS hosting provider, our VPS server Australia is fully equipped with Redundant arrays. So in case a hard drive fails, it will never impact your data or website adversely.

VPS Australia
Maximum uptime

Besides providing low latency & high throughput with cloud VPS hosting in London, our primary focus is to keep the server always up. Therefore, we guarantee to provide 99% uptime with cPanel VPS Australia.

VPS Australia
Additional IPs

Now get up to five additional IPs with VPS server Melbourne. Furthermore, Our prominence lies in providing IPv4 & IPv6 Addresses with the servers. Therefore, You just have to contact our support team to get it enabled for you at the least price.

VPS Australia
24/7 Support

We are constituted with a team of experts. Additionally, These experts have a keen understanding of the industry to meet the comprehensive demands of clients 24/7. Navicosoft helps you concentrate on your business rather than wasting your time maintaining & tackling cheap Windows VPS server issues.

Why Navicosoft for
VPS Hosting Australia?


We offer the most reliable customer loyalty programs with our round-the-clock technical customer support.


Starting from security & ending on unlimited resources with absolute reliability, Moreover, we have got you covered.


We get the IPMI feature enabled for you. Also, Now buy VPS Australia & access it from anywhere in the world.


Ramp up with our VPS Australia as we bring innovative solutions with an extra security layer to present you to the world smartly.

Affordable Aussie VPS Server in Melbourne - Your Digital Ally

Explore Navicosoft’s VPS Hosting in Australia for a seamless online experience. Our robust virtual servers deliver unmatched speed, security, and scalability. Trust us for reliable hosting that ensures your website is always at its best.

VPS Hosting Australia

Navicosoft offers top-notch VPS hosting services in Australia, providing businesses with unparalleled reliability and performance. Our state-of-the-art virtual private servers ensure seamless website operations backed by cutting-edge technology and 24/7 customer support.

VPS Server Australia

Elevate your online presence with Navicosoft’s VPS servers in Australia. Experience unparalleled speed, security, and scalability tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Trust us to deliver a hosting solution that ensures optimal performance and maximum uptime.

Managed VPS Hosting Australia

Navicosoft takes the hassle out of hosting with our managed VPS hosting services in Australia. Enjoy the benefits of a powerful virtual server coupled with our expert management. Focus on your business while we handle the technical aspects, ensuring a secure and reliable hosting environment.

Australian VPS Providers

Choose Navicosoft as your trusted VPS provider in Australia. We deliver hosting solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with personalized support. Our commitment is to empower your online ventures with robust and reliable virtual server solutions.

Sydney VPS

Experience high-performance hosting with Navicosoft’s Sydney VPS services. Our servers in Sydney ensure low-latency access, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient hosting solution in the region.

Cloud VPS Australia

Navicosoft’s Cloud VPS in Australia brings you the power of the cloud with the reliability of a virtual private server. Benefit from scalable resources, high availability, and top-notch security, ensuring your website or application runs smoothly at all times.

Low Cost VPS

Navicosoft offers budget-friendly VPS hosting solutions without compromising on quality. Our low-cost VPS plans are designed to provide businesses with reliable and scalable hosting options, making it easier for you to achieve your online goals without breaking the bank.

VPS Hosting Plans

Explore a variety of VPS hosting plans with Navicosoft. Tailored to meet different business needs, our hosting plans offer flexibility, scalability, and top-notch performance. Choose the plan that aligns with your requirements and experience hosting excellence.

VPS in Australia

Navicosoft brings you VPS solutions specifically optimized for the Australian market. Benefit from local support, low-latency connections, and a robust infrastructure that ensures your online presence is always at its best.

Linux VPS Australia

Power your online projects with Navicosoft’s Linux VPS hosting in Australia. Enjoy the flexibility and reliability of Linux-based virtual servers, backed by our commitment to delivering exceptional hosting services.

VPS Hosting Melbourne

Explore top-tier VPS hosting in Melbourne with Navicosoft. Our cutting-edge virtual private servers guarantee unparalleled performance and reliability. Elevate your online presence with seamless scalability and 24/7 expert support. Choose Navicosoft for VPS hosting that exceeds expectations.

Buy VPS Australia

Unlock the power of your online ventures with Navicosoft – your go-to destination for buying VPS in Australia. Enjoy lightning-fast performance, robust security, and tailored solutions for your business needs. With Navicosoft, take control of your virtual server environment and experience unmatched reliability

Windows VPS Melbourne

Navicosoft brings you Windows VPS hosting in Australia, combining the flexibility of Windows with the reliability of our cutting-edge hosting infrastructure. Explore a seamless Windows VPS experience with high-performance servers, 24/7 support, and a user-friendly interface. Elevate your online journey with Navicosoft

Best VPS Providers

Discover why Navicosoft stands out as one of the best VPS providers. Our commitment to excellence ensures superior performance, unmatched security, and a range of customizable solutions. Trust Navicosoft for a VPS hosting experience that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Affordable VPS Hosting

Navicosoft offers affordable VPS hosting solutions without compromising on quality. Experience the perfect balance between cost and performance, backed by our expert support team. Choose Navicosoft to transform your online presence with budget-friendly and reliable VPS hosting.

Australia SSD VPS

Optimize your website’s performance with Navicosoft’s Australia SSD VPS hosting. Benefit from the speed and reliability of SSD storage, ensuring faster load times and seamless user experiences. Trust Navicosoft for high-performance hosting tailored to Australian businesses.

VPS Hosting Packages

Explore Navicosoft’s diverse range of VPS hosting packages designed to cater to every need. From basic plans for startups to advanced configurations for enterprise-level demands, our VPS hosting packages offer flexibility, scalability, and top-notch performance. Find the perfect fit for your business with Navicosoft.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is a VPS Australia?

A virtual private server is abbreviated as VPS. Also, It is used for hosting websites that need more security & server resources. Besides that, many software applications like portals, collaborative solutions, & CRM are also hosted on Cheap VPS Hosting. Moreover, Virtual Private server combines the reliability of dedicated server with the ease of controlling them with administrative access & virtualisation technology.

What are the payment options to pay for VPS Australia?

As a VPS provider, we care about your ease & comfort. Therefore, we do our level best to provide you with the most convenient payment gateways. You can use the following gateways to make payment:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Skrill

Can I use MySQL with windows VPS Australia?

Yes, we do provide MySQL with a VPS server. SQL is a structured query language and a standard database management system enabling you to manipulate data on the database. In addition, we offer special discounted rates for providing installations and technical support for Microsoft SQL licensing for use on your VPS.

How does Navicosoft offer affordable VPS Australia price?

Navicosoft always cares about its clients and customers. We monitor servers' performance and provide hardware that is powerful and inexpensive to operate. Besides that, we use proprietary optimization scripts to manage the load to offer stable performance to our customers with minimal VPS pricing.

Does VPS provide more advantages than a dedicated server?

VPS surely provides more advantages as compared to a dedicated server. Also, You do not have to worry about server management with a managed virtual private server. Not only that, but you do not have to monitor the status of the hard disk, CPU, and RAM. Moreover, Cheap VPS hosting in is adapted to host most types of websites that are moderately sized.