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We know that choosing the right AU domain name registration  is essential for establishing your online presence. A domain represents your website address like www.navicosoft.com.au, and it also parts your email address name@navicosoft.com.au.

Your domain name or web address should be short, easy to remember, and portray the exact brand image. To buy domain name Australia, we follow the simplest steps being the best domain registrar Australia. To get started with the domain registration process, enter the domain name you want to purchase in our domain search bar and click “Search,” place an order and get it registered right away!

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There are numerous domain extensions to buy & choose from. Now even register multiple domains through us,
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Generic domains are also known as gTLDs. These top-level domain name registration Melbourne help you create more business & brand awareness. As a leading Australian domain registrar in Melbourne, we suggest you get cheap domain name registration with your industry-related TLD & your country domain.

.cafe for a coffee shop
.plumbing for a plumber


Country code top-level domains are also known as cc TLDs. As the most trusted domain registrar in Melbourne, we register domain name Australia to connect you with a specific region’s audience. cc TLDS are one of the most famous & demanding cheap domain name TLDs for all kinds of business.


.com.au for Australia
.PK for Pakistan


These domains are also known as top-level domains. If you wish to target every point of the globe, these cheap domain names suit you the best. Most individuals and business owners register global domain & country-based domains at the same time. As an Australian domain registrar in Melbourne, we do cheap domain name registration with gTLDs.

.org for educational or global organizations

.com for commercial purposes

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To start with, the very first thing you need to do is, choose a trusted Australian domain registrar in Melbourne as well as an extension such as .com, .co.uk, .com.au. This must be related to your services, so always make sure to select the one that matches the image you want to create against your services. There are always some suggested extensions while doing a domain search, i.e., .club, .org. You can search for your dream domain name in the field at the top of this page. If you have Australia based business, you must want a domain with a".com.au" extension as it is the most common and popular local domain TLD. It also helps your brand grow locally and represents your business as Australian. Some new options are available like" .sydney" and ".melbourne", highlighting your targeted audience of a specific location. Once you choose an extension, then you have to choose a domain name itself. Before proceeding with the AU domain name registration Melbourne, always keep in mind that the domain name you select should be short, easy, and most important, should be related to what you sell or do. This is something that makes it easy to search for your domain name and difficult to forget.

Domain name registration Melbourne depends upon the registry, which sets certain rules for particular extensions. Usually, the domain registration period is from 1 to 10 years. You can check all the domain TLDs and get the specific information of the extension that interests you. For the domain registration in Australian extension (TLDs like .com.au, .org.au, .co.au), the maximum and minimum registration period is two years. Can I get domain registration Melbourne from Navicosoft and host it anywhere? A big yes, all you need to do is set up web forwarding, which you can do by changing DNS records or set up instantly if you are using our DNSs quick setup feature.

The domain registration process gets completed most of the time instantly. We send you a verification email before initiating the process and the confirmation email once everything goes through. Delay in the domain registration process can happen due to a couple of reasons and are mostly caused by the relevant TLD requirements. For instance, the .au domain requires eligibility criteria to be fulfilled before they can be registered. Suppose the provided data is not 100% accurate/clear. As an Australian domain registrar in Melbourne, we might need to consult with the governing body (AuDA for domain registration in Australia) to complete the domain name registration process. Before making your website live and accessible on the internet, worldwide DNS needs to be updated. These databases permit different computers to search for a specific IP address by their web address. Once this is done, your website and related files will be available on the internet to be accessed by visitors.

You will have to change the A record if you are using our free standard DNS. Go to the DNS settings on the management page and add records by clicking on the menu and selecting "Add record" from a menu that drops down. For this, you should know the IP address of the service or website you want to forward to. It could be found in most of the search engines by searching the domain name or IP address. Else, this information should be available from the service provider where your website is hosted. Check their tutorials or documentation to see your sites IP. Make sure that your server or website is prepared to accept the forward. You have to change your nameservers to point at those of the sites you want to forward to.