March 8, 2023


Social Media Marketing Trends Influence the Startups | 2023

An introduction to the Power and Popularity of SMM Platforms

Social media marketing- SMM is a type of digital marketing that influences the power of popular social media mediums for marketing. These platforms allow the brand to create its social community and connect the people. Resultantly, this connection leads to brand awareness, an increase in sales, and organic traffic to the website. In short, using social media forums to achieve your branding and marketing goal is social media marketing.

This campaign may be an organic or paid network strategy. Developing the plan to accomplish marketing purposes lies under the umbrella of SMM.

The unparalleled capacity of social media from three core areas, i.e., connection, interaction, and customer data, drives the power of SMM.


Is SMM Beneficial for Small and Medium Businesses in Melbourne?

While looking at the effects of social media marketing on small businesses, If we consider Facebook only, there are billions of users. Facebook provides you with the right place to communicate with your right audience. Social Media is pivotal for decision-making and thinking directly of the audience as an influencer can influence the choice of your potential customers.

From a 100- year old to a new innovative organisation, everyone can avail the social media marketing strategies for their business goals. It doesn’t matter if you are an e-commerce or a wholesaler and need to gear up to dominate the net space.

Enterprises in Melbourne require all the services from content creation to publishing. It includes SMM management, marketing, retargeting, and reporting. Hence, by local SEO optimisation, your brand products are more likely to be accessible to your potential local customer. According to a study, 98 % of social media user customers prefer social retailing and buying directly from social media.

According to statistics, 82% of customers are influenced by the video content on social media platforms for their purchase decision. That’s how in Australia, 89% of reach on YouTube can impact your brand sale and marketing campaign. Furthermore, 98% of buyers intend to purchase on social media, according to a Sprout Social survey.

Similarly, Facebook or Meta is the most used social platform in Melbourne, Australia, with 66% (16-64Y). Australia has the most active advert clickers, with 22 clicks per month. It stands in the top 8% of the countries in the world. So, creative and engaging Facebook ads for your brand will undoubtedly influence these users.


Social Media Marketing Trends for Best Practices in Melbourne

According to the study, Australian digital advertising grew to 26% by the end quarter of 2021. At the same time, Australia is the 5th most significant social media advertising market. The Social Media marketing agency in Melbourne is technologically and strategically advanced. We will discuss some of Melbourne’s prominent social media marketing services features.


1.     Use of Meta Data for Social Media Marketing 

Social Media forums like Facebook, Instagram, and chrome use Metadata, i.e., demographics, location, and search content from its users. Search engines save your searches, and then Facebook or Instagram shows you the relevant ads for the searched content. For example, if a potential customer is searching to buy a domain name for his company, ads will appear when he is using Facebook, Gmail, or any other platform. However, the brand has to pay for these automated marketing ads.


2.     Social Media with SEObility

Search Engine Optimization is vital for visibility in Google search results for relevant products and services. However, content creation and optimisation are detrimental to SEO and potential customer targeting. So, engaging content, whether voice, video, pictorial, or written with appropriate keywords, can enhance your organic traffic and brand awareness.


3.     AI Chatbots

Social media platforms enable Artificial Intelligence based chatbots which is helpful for customer service. Customer services in digital marketing are essential because purchasers don’t rely on only quality but professionalism for satisfaction. These chatbots help provide 24/7 support for fundamental issues and usual queries from patrons.


4.     Ads for Social Media Marketing

Social Media advertisement is a hyper-direct way of marketing. Social media platforms allow you to create ads to promote your content. Advertisements will ensure a higher appearance rate among the targeted and relevant audience. This increase in traffic can drive sales on social media. For example, Google ads appear during YouTube videos; Facebook allows ads to appear on the home page of your account. Although you can stop or skip the ads, they impact you mentally and create an idea to check out the product.


5.     Augmented Reality- AR

Social Media is all about user engagement and interaction. Adopting VR provides the consumer with a virtual image of your offered product, whereas incorporating AR makes your content unique and compelling. For example, you can create an immersive AR experience through a tour of your physical store; it may also help drum up the foot traffic in your store. Snapchat uses filters designed by AR. Furniture brands or interior décor companies are using this technology to visualise the utilisation of their products to their customers.

If we think of hiring the best social media marketing agency, Navicosoft Australia is a company with the latest marketing solution. It is the best example of “all services under one roof.” Similarly, its dedicated and expert team ranks it among Melbourne’s outstanding SMM services.


Which SMM platforms are efficient?

SMM service in Melbourne can be the best outcome provider by using the following social media opportunities according to advertisement reach statics (June 2022).

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Messenger



Intense usage of social media has led marketing to another stage of technology and digitalisation, a benchmark. Navicosoft Australia is a reliable social media marketing agency to provide you with the marketing solution for every social dais.