March 9, 2023


Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies In Australia

As Melbourne-based best Australian web hosting for small businesses & large enterprises, we are always excited about uncovering the best web hosting companies in Australia. Our value undertaking includes finding distinguished hosting services for people worldwide, especially local Australians. Similarly, for speculative purposes, we host our projects & applications as well. Therefore, in the last years, we have been purchasing & running profuse hosting accounts to ensure the plethora of features.

So, we dug into various certitudes and researched which companies are taking good turns with effective pricing. While differentiating the companies with excellent & mediocre services, our heuristic search came out with a conflicted comparison that we have already shared. The fun fact, many of the providers were not even based in Australia!

Best Web hosting Companies in Australia

  • Navicosoft: Australia’s Most Reliable Web Hosting Company
  • Hostinger: Best web hosting for most users
  • HostPapa: Affordable Hosting Prices
  • FastComet: Well-balanced hosting features
  • A2 Hosting: Fine-tuned servers for WordPress hosting
  • Siteground: Optimised managed to host
  • GreenGeeks: Eco-friendly hosting for beginners
  • Bluehost: Scalable WP hosting
  • Godaddy: Easily deployable service
  • DreamHost: WordPress recommended service
  • Digital Pacific:  Premium business hosting

Top Web Hosting And WordPress Hosting Services In Australia

Besides considering other factors of web hosting, securityspeed, and support are a few of the major ones. Even a few seconds of delay can decrease the site’s traffic to a greater extent. Most Australian locals turn their way around when they don’t find the pleasure of vital speed. Therefore, having optimised speed is an absolute requisite.

1. NavicoSoft

Key Specifications:

  • Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate
  • Free website migration
  • Full DDoS Protection
  • 99.9% Uptime Stability
  • Free Website Builder
  • Affordable VPS hosting
  • Root access
  • 2-8 GB RAM
  • 2-4 core CPUs
  • 1000-8000 GB bandwidth

Speed In Sydney:
Speed Score:
Disk Space:
Live Chat: 

$8.40 AUD
93 ms
100 GB
Live chat, tickets



Navicosoft is one of the most reliable hosting providers, with consistently strong server security and fast speed. Their superiority and excellence lie in full-time customer support and loyalty to their commitments. Whether you are a startup, running an ecommerce business, or belong to the corporate sector, they have rightfully claimed their place by providing exceptionally affordable web hosting services.

They help you get the best web hosting with an easy-to-manage website builderfree SSL to authenticate your website connection, unlimited disk storage and free domain name. Their record-breaking hosting services include shared hostingdedicated and VPS hostingreseller hosting and WordPress hosting.

In addition, they have a massive number of tools for malware protectionCDN performance accelerationexcellent response times, and an easy-to-use control panel. So they have your back no matter if you are concerned about speed, security, reliability or compatibility.

Our Verdict

Web hosting is a language Navicosoft speaks fluently. Their comprehensive plans will give you exclusive features, including unlimited bandwidth, subdomains, add-on domains, SSL certificates, and much more. No doubt, they have been keeping the standards maintained since the beginning. Quite frankly, they offer each thing a developer or a website owner is looking to have. For a comprehensive overview, we have compared their features as below:


Speed is critical for any website to run & earn. They provide A-grade performance with more reliability and security.


They have an average loading time of 330 ms with more reliability and availability. In addition, they offer an instant, reliable WordPress setup with a one-click installation.

Customer support

They offer a live chat support system and a knowledge base system. You can contact me 24/7 for technical support.


They offer flexible pricing depending on your hosting needs. It means you can get a custom plan and pay every month.

2. Hostinger

Key Specifications:

  • Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate
  • Free One Click Backups
  • Cloudflare CDN & DDoS Protection
  • LiteSpeed Modules
  • Unmetered Bandwidth

Overall Performance:




Hostinger is one of the best web hosting in Australia, We always strive to provide plenty of hosting features with a numerical serving of requirements hierarchy. Therefore, you need not have any harbor or misconception regarding our prices or downtime. Apart from the unlimited features and benefits, our massive cost-saving feature helps you get outstanding performance with a light note on your pocket.

If speed, consistency, and scalability are concerned at economical prices, then Hostinger is no less than any other company. At only $2.99, you get 100 GB of web space, a free domain name, unlimited email accounts, and more. In addition, it offers a fast loading time for the website. Did you know? The significance of loading speed for any website is equal to its uptime. Visitors will not stick around if they wait too long for a website to load. So, Hostinger has tried & tested fast speed with quick fixes. We have tested them multiple times for their hosting services.

Additionally, they have servers not in the USA but worldwide. So, no matter where you are located, you are going to get low latency & high uptime.

The beauty of their commitment is they do not lock the client into long-term contracts. They generously extend the best pricing feature with monthly & annual agreements. Besides, they have unique hosting plans that make them a favourite of most of us. Furthermore, you can build a fully functional website with the best-shared hosting. All you need is a few clicks to deploy your application.

Many Extended Features

Right web hosting is the key to the success of any website. Therefore, Hostinger offers comprehensive hosting solutions that help you get premium site performance. In addition, whether you have a large or small business, have a flexible budget or a limited one, they always have something for you on the list.

It is also one of the most known names in the wordpress industry. With 1 click wordpress installation, enhanced security, free CDN, and accelerated WordPress, they mainly offer an 80% discount on all their hosting plans.

Dedicated Data Centres:

With dedicated data centres in the USA, Australia, Asia, and North America, they cover all the major countries with some extra perks.

They further take preventive steps to keep the clients protected from malware & malicious activities. The guaranteed 99% uptime does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you feel unsatisfied with the features, you can claim your money back immediately.

Our Verdict

In conclusion, the team at Hostinger is fast & efficient, significantly cutting the service delivery time in half. In addition, their prices are much affordable, with plenty of valuable resources.

3. HostPapa

Key Specifications:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Instant Setup
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Overall Performance:

Starting at $3.95



Hostpapa offers a perfect set of attractive features for small business owners. For instance, the low starting costs make it easily attainable for startups and newbies. Choosing a new host provider is never easy. It always comes with different concerns & issues. But one potential reason is good enough to make a switch.

Of many premium facilities, remaining hyper-focused on their customers is the best. Though it provides efficient hosting features for small businesses, you should look elsewhere if you are looking for powerful dedicated servers.

Hostpapa is one of the best web hosting companies in Australia. As they offer many services, good uptime, fast page loading speed, 24/7 support & enhanced security features are among the unbeatable features. The best thing is their introductory pricing starts at $3.95, and they throw many potential features within this amount. Free domain registration, SSD storage, LiteSpeed caching & free website builder makes them even more demandable.

Our Verdict

Since there are many hosting providers, choosing a single one is tricky. HostPapa offers full-service hosting plans with free WordPress installation, website builder, domain anme, SSL certificate, and more. However, it is not suitable for unlimited bandwidth with dedicated resources.

4. Fast Comet

Key Specifications:

  • Powerful Control Panel
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Free Website Builder
  • Free Domain and Website Security

Overall Performance:

Starting at $3.95



We have been working since 2008, providing excellence in IT services. Our track record as a best web hosting company in Australia, the only reason that makes us visible among the plethora of hosting companies. Besides, a bundle of other companies makes getting trusted and reliable hosting services feasible.

Fast Comet was established in 2013 in San Francisco. Today, they have more than 50000 clients all over the world. Further, with 20,000 cloud nodes & a vast number of team members, they are operational in Asia, London, Australia, and Amsterdam. They are in business helping small scrappy companies with billions of dollars in revenue.

So for testing purposes, we signed up on their website & purchased the cheapest plan for setting up WordPress hosting. We found that speed, uptime, features and support are their bold claims for small firms. The IT industry has specific issues, including dishonesty in providing relevant features.

FastComet offers a powerful & intuitive control panel to optimize the website with few clicks.
Additionally, most hosting providers give you basic information, most commonly the advantages only. However, FastComet is refreshingly different. It stuffs the hosting plan with massive valuable features.

They have a classic trio of shared VPS and dedicated server hosting. They always come up with hosting features that exceed the client’s expectations.

Out of the pool of other features, FastComet offers, their secure standard payment gateways with instant order activation is premium. The signup process is pretty simple and takes a few steps to activate. Further, they offer a user-oriented cpanel control panel with full resource access. You can get access to around 150 open-source applications, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, and others. They have consistently delivered their clients a fast network with handy hosting features. Even if you need any recommendations, their team is always up with beneficial ideas.

Excellent Global Presence:

They do not lock any mission-critical feature behind many paywalls. Their basic hosting plan comes with features enough for a single-starter website. The basic plan has 15 GB of web space and 30 GB of bandwidth, which is far more than other hosting providers. Similarly, their excellence in providing intuitive cpanel & smart Cloudflare integration gives a global delivery network with constant growth & evolution.

Our Verdict

Though it is not so known hosting provider, it acts as a tech-oriented geeky company. Their tech acuity is simply apparent. In short, we have concluded that their accommodating hosting nature with proactive customer support can quickly help you run a fully functional business website.

5. A2 Hosting

Key Specifications:

  • Easy Drag & Drop Features
  • Free Website Migration
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 99.9% Server Uptime

Overall Performance:

Starting at $3.95



While searching for the best web hosting companies in Australia, a company with a robust hosting infrastructure at low prices is rare. A2 Hosting is among the best under-the-radar hosting agencies in Australia. The excellent speed, uptime, reliability, scalability, and free features with SSD servers are enough to let anyone prioritise this company. Further, the unprejudiced pricing & refund policy with environmentally friendly features give them many prominent edges over others.

There are many hosting agencies with cross swords for mere dollars, yet it takes exclusiveness & uniqueness to stand beyond others. Therefore, A2 Hosting, with its outstanding hosting features & excellent uptime, always brings comfort to its clients. Their wordpress hosting is known explicitly as Editor’s choice pack.

So if you want to launch a website without thrifty expenses, you can choose A2 Hosting. They offer powerful hosting features at a low cost. The startup plan, probably at $2.99, has unlimited bandwidth, 100GB of web space at NVMe SSD server, free domain name, website builder, and 4-cores.

Besides shared hosting, they also offer powerful virtual machines, which we call VPS. The unmanaged VPS plans start at
$4.99/month. However, the managed one usually starts at $33. They also offer dedicated server hosting at competitive costs. With 16 GB RAM, 6TB monthly data transfer & 1 TB hard drive, the dedicated server costs usually $100 per month.

Besides, they have excellent wordpress hosting with one-click wordpress installation. You can get the Hosting & start your wordpress site right away. Cloud hosting is another service not ignorable. Besides, they have an economic reseller hosting plan. You can create your web hosting agency by purchasing a reseller plan. You will stay at the front while they handle the things from the back. The best part is all of their hosting plans come with eCommerce & Prestashop security.

Our Verdict

Since website uptime is a vital element for any superior web hosting, we concluded that whether it is cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS or a dedicated server, A2 offers the maximum uptime with reliable support. They have vulnerability tracking tools that keep vigorous security checks.

6. Siteground

Key Specifications:

  • Free CDN integration & backups
  • Live Chat Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Email Addresses
  • Money Back Guarantee

Overall Performance:

Starting at $3.99



It’s simply coherent that Siteground excels in all of the significant features of web hosting. It may include uptime, power, security, scalability & reliability. Besides, the company truly focuses on features other web hosts do not commonly provide. So, whether you are a newbie or a professional, siteground brings all the crucial aspects of hosting to one platform.

Since siteground was launched in 2004 by a small community of students, it has been booming & flourishing since its first day. They have a specialty in providing 24/7 support through a team of dedicated experts. Further, they make many promises regarding the loading speed & processing power.

They also offer a three days free trial with a commitment to providing all the features. Still, you should complete homework before getting the Hosting from any hosting provider. In addition, they offer a decent number of web hosting types. It includes shared Hosting, reseller hosting, wordpress hosting, VPS & dedicated hosting, and various others. With the required hosting type, they offer exclusive free features like free domain name, SSL certificate, email addresses and much more.

Unlimited Features:

Siteground offers the most demanding three types of web hosting plans. These plans are usually suitable for a majority of people. In rare cases, if a person runs a big website, he can choose accordingly. They do not limit the monthly traffic, which seems to be a good edge for startups & medium-sized businesses. Of course, if you have a high amount of daily visitors, like 400,000, it will fall short for you.

They truly focus on unlimited features, including databases and branded email addresses. With a money-back guarantee, they are taking the lead to attract more hosting clients to their SSD servers. Let’s take a brief look at their hosting plans:

  • Startup: It is ideal for users who have startup firms. If you need less than 10 GB of disk space with Litespeed caching, this plan is suitable for you. But if you need ultra-fast PHP with advanced hosting features, this plan is unsuitable.
  • GrowBig: In this plan, you get 20GB of disk space. You get full access to advanced features, including staging and backup tools. Even you can get ultra-fast PHP functionalities with unlimited bandwidth, databases, and much more.
  • GoGeek: With 40 GB of disk space, you get the surety to host unlimited websites. Besides, it comes with a better-performing server and pre-installed repositories. In this plan, they do offer white label support. You will get the priority, and your technical issue will be sorted out within minutes.

Our Take:

Since siteground offers unbeatable features, we would like to recommend this Hosting if you need more performance down the line. It may include individual websites, bloggers, corporate websites, etc.

7. GreenGeeks

Key Specifications:

  • SSD Web Space
  • Unlimited Domains Hosting
  • Free Unlimited Email Accounts
  • User-Friendly Control Panel

Overall Performance:

Starting at $2.95



The internet world is a massive polluter of various web hosting services. But finding an eco-friendly hosting platform will all the essential features is a must. GreenGeeks, founded in 2008, is now operational in all the world’s major countries. It includes the US, Canada, Australia, UK and others. Today, around 300,000 websites are being hosted on their servers. It is an environmentally friendly hosting platform that helps stand out from the pool of other hosting companies. Further, they offer a lot of value for money. For instance, most people ensure their business is not creating carbon footprints. They offer 30 days refund guarantee in case of any leash in their commitment.

If you need an exclusive hosting type to grow your business, enhance your brand reputation & gain more customers’ trust & loyalty, get the services of GreenGeeks. They have a variety of Linux hosting services that you can scale up and down as per your requirements.

Our verdict:

After analysing certain aspects, we have concluded that they offer many affordable hosting solutions with known & some unknown hosting features. It may include WP-CLI, SSH access, Git, PHPMyAdmin, HTTP/2, LS cache plugins and much more. The best thing is you can get free thirty days money-back guarantee minus the cost of domain registration. Apart from these things, you can get free website migration services. It means you can now transfer your website professionally without any extra hassle. Still, the things that seem a loose end are that they do not offer windows Hosting & a Plesk control panel. The cost of dedicated resources is also a bit higher.

8. Bluehost

Key Specifications:

  • Great Security Features
  • Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate
  • Extensive Customer Support

Overall Performance:

Starting at $2.75



While making a broad comparison, we have tried our best to develop an honest opinion. Navicosoft is where you can get specificpreciselyts of hosting services with a pocket-friendly approach. Moreover, our support features separate us from the pack, as we consequently go above and beyond to resolve your issues at the earliest.

Bluehost is specifically a web hosting company with around 750 people working 24/7. While talking about Australia’s top ten hosting providers, Bluehost stands among the first few. Our recent analysis shows that Bluehost is among the most recommended hosting platforms. They offer an abundance of wordpress tools, website builders, resources etc. We have delved deeper into the hosting features to give an accurate review.

They usually offer five types of web hosting. It includes shared hosting, VPS, dedicated cloud, and WordPress hosting. If you are looking for something for your startup business with an inexpensive approach, shared hosting is a good approach. Comparatively, dedicated hosting is an expensive approach. It is suitable for commercial businesses. VPS is a middle ground between dedicated server & shared server hosting.

The shared hosting plan that Bluehost offers usually starts at $2.95. the most expensive goal they offer for shared hosting is pro, which generally starts at $26. No doubt, the prices are all pretty good. The basic plan allows you to host a single website with 50 GB of web space. In addition, you get one main domain, five parked domains & 25 subdomains. While with plus, and pro plans, you get unmetered bandwidth, unlimited domains & and webspace.

Similarly, the VPS plans start at almost $19. And goes up to $60. All these prices are in line with typical VPS servers provided all around. You can get a CPU with up to 4 cores, 30-120 GB SAN storage, 1-3 TB bandwidth, and a free domain. Further, each of the plans is backed with 24/7 customer support. However, the dedicated hosting servers start at $80 and go up to $120. You get three IP addresses on the basic plan and five on the premium plan.

Our verdict:

No doubt, Bluehost gives abundantly exclusive features with its web hosting plans. It includes ecommerce features, branded email addresses, DDoS protection, and a free trial. Besides, they offer a user-oriented cPanel control panel with easy management. You can take 24/7 customer support, even on a tight budget.

9. GoDaddy

Key Specifications:

  • Modern Interface & Control Panel
  • SSD Server Storage
  • Free Domain
  • Multi Server Locations

Overall Performance:

Starting at $1.99



At first glance, Godaddy is the best web hosting company in Australia with various hosting plans. Yet, people have polarised opinions about their services. If you are not sure if Godaddy is suitable for you or not, then we are here to help you out in any possible way.

Godaddy is one of the largest best domain hosts in Australia. You can get any domains, including .com, .net, and .org, with your hosting plan. You can get every kind of hosting plan from them. From bloggers to professional business owners, everyone has a chance to buy a hosting plan. The hosting plans come with a pre-installed ecommerce plugin. You can access all the hosting features from a single dashboard.

They have four different kinds of web hosting. Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Maximum. The basic package starts at $6. It comes with 100 GB storage, free domain registration & Microsoft 365 email. In the ultimate plan, you can get free premium DNS & its management. Further, you get increased power & free SSL as well.

In addition, all WordPress hosting plans include automatic security updates, a one-click migration tool, a page editor, and free themes and plugins. The Deluxe hosting plan has 75 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. They have suitable methods for you if you are running an Ecommerce store. For instance, you can manage complete products & features with real-time shipping rates and free access to dozen of woocommerce extensions.

Our verdict:

Over the last few years, siteground has claimed to make many improvements, and it is pretty darn essential to growing your business globally. They are highly scalable concerning dedicated resources. It is hugely devoted to small site owners who have just launched their businesses. Further, all of their hosting plans are based on Nginx technology. Finally, you get the intuitive control panel to manage website operations with a few clicks.

10. Digital Pacific

Key Specifications:

  • SSH Access
  • Free SSL
  • Webmail With SpamAssassin
  • Web-Based File Manager

Overall Performance:

Starting at $6.90



Digital Pacific is one of the best web hosting companies in Australia. The hosting company that provides domain registration & web designing services to thousands of clients. It is among the most popular hosting providers in Australia due to its affordability & unique features. The company takes pride in offering customer-focused hosting services with scalable & secure servers.

It was founded back in 2000 and offered truly exclusive features. The company offers shared web hosting, dedicated & VPS servers, reseller hosting, domain registration services & much more. Customer support is also available round the clock to resolve the issues earliest. Customers get an intuitive management panel with abundant features with web hosting services.

They usually offer shared hosting, VPS & dedicated servers, and reseller hosting, with monthly & yearly plans. You are given all the essential abundant resources with intuitive control panel access. Further, their servers provide 99% uptime with eco-friendly, fast & secure servers. You can also carry administrative tasks from the dashboard easily. It may include database management, WordPress installation, and email management.

They have a lot of admirable factors that people choose to get their services, but they are pretty expensive for current hosting needs. In the last few years, we have worked with many web hosts to collect comprehensive data, And we can claim that they provide robust hosting features, a strong customer network and more reliable services.

  • Straightforward Pricing & Support: All of the hosting plans come with 30 days refund policy. Their customers seem happy with the support & services they provide. They have been delivering web hosting services to a variety of businesses worldwide. Since they offer plenty of resources, you can get started with unlimited branded emails, databases, bandwidth, web space & much more.
  • Local Data Centre: They have a data centre in Sydney. They own data centres in many different regions. Similarly, for website transfer, they offer three different levels of technical support just to do safe transfers. The first is self-service support. Where you can read the manuals and manage the migration. Then comes developer migration. Where you involve the developer to migrate the website. Then comes the third option, where you can get their migration services. It starts at $99 and increases as per the website & your requirements

Everything You Need To Know Why Web Hosting Speed Is Crucial?

The speed of your website directly influences your success rate. Studies show that slow websites tend to gain fewer prospects. There are even chances to lose their existing ones as well. People like not to wait for more than a second for any website to load. If a website takes longer, they should not keep surfing the same site.

In addition, most organisations accept that a few seconds’ delays sometimes cause them a loss of thousands of dollars. There are days when we want to dive into the bottomless sea of knowledge with more online research & stuff. And most of the time, we do not like the distractions caused by several factors. It may also include slow website speed.

A slow website affects the client’s visits to your website and the SEO ranking. The better your website speed, the more you will have customer engagement causing, giving your website high SEO ranking. Eventually, it will result in higher revenue generation.

On the flip side, if your website loads too slowly, you may bear a lot of potential loss in your business. Therefore, what matters the most to increasing your site speed is TTFB. Looking for a web hosting provider that never compromises your site speed and smooth performance is always efficient. Some helpful tips you can use to enhance the site speed are as follows:

  • Optimise your search browser: Most people use Google chrome today. So, try to optimise it as much as you can.
  • Do not load too many files or media on your website. It can slow down the speed adversely.
  • Make sure you have chosen a reputable hosting provider that focuses on web hosting speed the most.

Types Of Web Hosting:

The type of hosting you choose for your website directly influences your business performance. Before selecting any kind of web hosting, you should know well about the version of each web hosting type. There are many options available for web hosting, and they all act as storage space. Still, they all differ in web space, features & customer support. We always recommend not to rush into an ambiguous hosting type; in fact, choose what suits you the best after thorough research. So, here are a few web hosting types you can consider:

Shared hosting: Shared hosting is the primary type of web hosting. It is the most cost-effective one with abundant resources. It is also known as the best for small businesses. As the name tells, a shared hosting platform shares resources of one server with multiple people. This works well for people with an essential website and does not need a lot of resources or traffic management. Let’s take an example of an apartment, where you rent a flat with many roommates, and you will have to share the bedroom, kitchen and lounge with other mates.

Dedicated Hosting: If you are more prone to security & a separate server to run your business or commercial website, a dedicated server is perfect for your needs. A dedicated server comes with reliable resources. It is like renting out a whole server with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and customised management. For instance, renting out the entire building and furnishing it per your taste. You are responsible for the server’s security, maintenance, and usage. Therefore, you can install various firewalls with continuous security checks.

VPS: A VPS server acts as a bridge between shared hosting & dedicated hosting. VPS, a virtual private server, comes with virtual resources. These resources are not dedicated in actuality, but they mimic the environment of dedicated hosting. The operating system creates a copy of itself and acts as a separate OS for each server. But in reality, it is the same server offering resources to all OS copies. For instance, VPS is like renting an apartment out of the whole building where you can manage your portion but not the whole building.

Reseller Hosting: As the name implies, reseller hosting works best when you want to run your small web hosting company with zero technical knowledge. In this hosting type, you get a reseller panel, creating the packages per your need. The company where you have purchased the hosting is directly responsible for providing white label support with essential guidance & security checks.

The Main Benefits Of Having Local Web Hosting Services

Since hosting is a service to get your website live on the internet, various companies have similar services. You can get both local & international web hosts at arm’s length these days. Still, we suggest always choosing a local web host. Web hosts act as senders, as all of the files are stored on a server, so whenever a user types a domain name, it sends relevant files. Don’t know why you should choose a local host? Here are the reasons to select Australian-based web hosting!

Fast Loading:

The website speed & page loading time is significantly crucial. Nearly half of your website visitors vanish if your site speed is slow. Therefore, the distance your website data needs to travel from the server impacts the pace; the closer your customers are to the server, the better the site speed will be. In other words, it will have a low latency rate & high throughput.

Better Customer Service:

You will likely get better customer support with focused problem resolution when you are in the same place as your hosting provider. You are likely to get a better response rate on the tickets as you lie in the same time zone. Additionally, if the company is around the corner every time, it helps you get better sales & enhancing your business reputation in a better way.

Better Security:

When you get hosting from a local company, they help you gain the focus on better site security. In simple words, A local host monitors your site performance round the clock and gives you the relevant security checks. As your local hosting provider, we firmly use spam & DDoS protection services.

Better Search Ranking:

Get yourself a local host provider for a better website search engine ranking. Think about the times you search for a service and get the nearest providers. That’s where the relevant search engine ranking comes into existence. Always choose the local providers so you can get full benefits from the SEO & nearby customers.

Which Web Hosting Is Best For Your Company?

There is a lot of fixing similar web hosts with minor or no difference. Choosing one appropriate hosting provider from the pool is a difficult task. But before jumping to the conclusion about what is best for you, you should know about the features of a good web host. Best Australian web hosting for small businesses & large businesses depends upon uptime & availability. Every website needs a custom domain, email addresses, storage, bandwidth, and CMS. So, always research the following factors thoroughly.

  • Affordable Price
  • Maximum Uptime
  • Lower Downtime
  • Bandwidth
  • Web Space
  • Free Features
  • Root Access
  • Customer Support
  • Caching Implementation
  • WHOIS Privacy support
  • CDN Integration
  • Website Security & SSL.

Nothing seems more complex than choosing the right kind of hosting company for a business. Different businesses need different types of web hosting. You just have to study correctly to know what suits you best for your business. When choosing web hosting services, always look for the speed, uptime, bandwidth, support & backup features. Let’s have a look at various business types and the hosting they must need:


Usually, the traffic is low for startup businesses, and shared web hosting suits such companies.

Blogging websites:

A blogging website does not receive high traffic spikes; shared hosting resources can manage the traffic and other site operations.

Portfolio websites:

Similarly, portfolio websites are made to make a portfolio online. You can buy shared hosting to host this tiny website.

Commercial websites:

These websites are usually more prominent and receive more traffic. Therefore, VPS or dedicated servers can be a good choice for them.

Ecommerce website:

An ecommerce website is involved in day-to-day sales tasks. They usually get the highest amount of traffic spikes daily. Therefore, a dedicated server should be used for more security & best management.

Which Web Hosting Is Best In 2022?

Since the competitive market is gaining momentum daily, the fastest web hosting in Australia is still the key to successNavicosoft stands at the forefront of providing all-in-one exclusive hosting packages. Our focus highlights the varying website needs and ensures no security theft remains at the verge of onrming your website or business data.

It is good to search for the best web hosting companies in Australia by yourself and take notes. Still, you can research and choose one if you do not know the different types. Bluehost, Hostinger, and Inmotion are among Australia’s best hosting providers.

While finding the best web hosting in 2022, we have kept certain factors in mind. It includes affordability, features, reliability, security, scalability and uptime. For your potential future expansion, whether you are a novice user or a pro-businessman, there is always the tendency to choose somewhere wrong. So, beware of lousy customer support, and read below to select the best.

Bluehost comes with affordable hosting plans and abundant hosting features. They offer the maximum level of reliability, support and exclusive updated features. Similarly, Hostinger provides more tools and focused technical support. Also, it gives features enriched hosting plans with easy upgradation and no hidden charges. Among others, GreenGeeks, Siteground, Namecheap, and Godaddy are also worth consuming your attention. They offer robust performance with diversified features & user-oriented control panel.

Inmotion ranks higher than most hosting providers due to its exceptional customer support. It is an excellent choice for small business owners and large enterprises due to its outstanding support and 24/7 availability. These hosting providers also offer you a free SSL & domain name so you can start working on your website immediately.

Why Navicosoft Is The Best Web Hosting Company in Australia?

As an Australian hosting provider, we offer low-cost hosting services with highly exclusive hosting features & support. You never have to carry the heavy suitcase of complex management.

We are genuinely focused on the uptime & loading speed of your website. Therefore, we keep an extra focus on the server speed & its optimisation.

Our servers are specifically located in Sydney and Melbourne. As your local hosting provider, we fear not to offer you support with an out-of-the-way favour.

You get a one-click CMS installation. It may include WordPress, Magento, Joomla and similar others. With feature-packed hosting plans, you never have to wait to build a fully functional website.

Our hosting plans come with easy to use control panel. There are drag-and-drop options to manage the operations with ease fully.

Navicosoft is genuinely an excellent place to get WordPress hosting. Their team is helpful enough to provide the best technical support. They helped me throughout the whole process of my website deployment with their hosting.